This blog & me

This blog is to serve as a public log of my life philosophy put into work: trying to surpass human limits.

Surpassing human limits, and by that I mean physical and mental limits. In this blog you will not find gimmicks and tricks that help you surpass financial limits nor anything of becoming superhuman in the domain of “moral”. It is not that such subjects don’t interest me, it’s just that the mental and the physical are, so to speak, cornerstones, and the financial/moral/anythingelse are mere additions.

In order to describe what I want to achieve:

I am not interested in general fitness. I want to achieve general “adeptness” in all domains of useful physical activities (self defense and, generally, movement – running, swimming, jumping…) and moreover, a stunning superiority in some specific areas. Namely, martial arts, sprinting speed, Parkour efficiency and body strength.
I currently train Wing Tzun Kung Fu and Parkour.

I want to develop perfect memory, amazing analytical capability, superior perception and complete control over the mind-body unity. L from the anime “Death Note” and Sherlock Holmes are both good examples of steps on the way. I assume that the final goal is to become something like one of the sisters in the Bene Gesserit order in the fictional universe of “Dune” written by Frank Herbert.

A lot of work in front of me. A lot. To finish, here’s a picture of Goku eating.



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