Observation pt2

I’ve found that sometimes it’s extremely hard to concentrate on observing your surroundings and that it often depends on how tired you are, how much has your willpower been depleted (for more info on willpower and it’s role this is a great article –> http://artofmanliness.com/2012/01/01/willpower/) and so on.

Sometimes, I just forget I need (want) to practice my perception skills. And that annoys me. I think that it would be helpful to have a like-minded person near myself. It’s like this: I want to introduce something new in my life in an unchanged environment. So basically, when I come home, I don’t look around just because I NEVER DID. And even if I’m great at looking around and perceiving stuff at some other place, at home, it’s completely different just because, when I’m at home, I’m used to not looking around. In a more general manner, places, events, various people in my life, for me they all have specific ways in which I behave when I’m with them. They condition my behaviour, so to speak.
Of course, it’s not unbreakable. But it is the harder way. If I had a Sherlock Holmes right next to me the whole time, the process of my change would be completed much faster.

But I’m moving towards my goal: for example, usually when I came home, I would never look for my dad’s motorcycle. Basically, I’d just come in and that’s all.
After my decision of becoming superhuman or “overhuman” (the idea kind of came in the beginning of 2012. but I really decided I’ll become superhuman on my 20th birthday which is in March) I would do as I do always. Come inside the yard, park my bike, enter the house. But something different started happening. I found myself wondering did I see his motorcycle or not parked in front of the house.

A couple of months later, the same procedure, just this time, I was completely aware if his motorcycle was there or not. So, not exactly a giant leap, but a small step on the way.

Maybe it’s possible to manipulate the fact that other people influence my behaviour. Maybe, if I start sharing with them that I’m actively perceiving things, maybe they will start doing it to a little and then maybe they become my own helpful Sherlocks. I mean, I think it makes sense. Watson was completely blind to the world around him untill he met Holmes. After some years, Holmes  made a profound change on him. Every time they were together, he would be much more perceptive because of him. And he didn’t even strive to train and give some power into it, it just came naturally.

So, still wondering. Being Sherlock Holmes when around friends or not?


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