Physical training

A lot has been said about physical training and I’m no expert, but maybe someone finds these views/experiences useful.
First of all, it’s important to train anything. “At least, break a sweat per day” is a good maxim to begin with. Just using your body, doing  something, is really good.
But then, good just isn’t enough. Four years ago, when I was 16, I was overweight, weak and slow. Only physical training I got was through PE at school, and everyone will agree that 45 mins of mediocre activity three times a week isn’t all that much.
That started to change when I took up Parkour. Later on, I took up Wing Tzun. That was two years ago. Now, I’ve found that:
– when I’m just starting with a new discipline, I learn the basics of it much faster than it takes me to go from the basics to perfection
– it’s important to be present when training, attitude is everything
– the input from people more experienced than you is invaluable and it’s important to listen to them
– however, that what makes no sense other than superficial, shouldn’t be taken as the Holy Scripture
– creativity is underestimated in any discipline and creative solutions to something are as important as the “normal” ways of doing it
– repetition is everything
– one should not be limited by their own system (things you arren’t ALLOWED to do)
– proper form and posture isn’t that important per se, sometimes it’s the best solution and sometimes it’s completely unneccessary

Soon I’ll be adding constant weights to myself in order to simulate high gravity training. In other words, Goku’s training 😀­watch?v=ZuxcbB_n­Ih4&feature=you­tube_gdata_player


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