Qigong and some updates

It’s been a while. I’ve discovered this great thing: Qigong (also Chigong, Chi Kung, Chikung, Chi Gong…) It’s a type of ancient chinese medicine/workout/meditation. Yeah, I know, in the West, you usually separate all three, but in Chinese culture it’s nothing unusual to have it all under one category, probably something like “well-being”. Anyway, as opposed to classical sit-down-relax-concentrate-on-your-breath meditation, this one is done standing up and isn’t quite as passive as the forementioned. I’m still a beginner (I’ve only been doing it for a month or so) and I know only a little part of it but I already can feel the results.

It’s actually pretty hard to describe because it’s all about feeling the energy, the tightness, the relaxation, the subtle differences in muscular position in your body. It’s really something that needs to be tried in order to be comprehended fully. I recommend reading a book called “The Way of Energy” by master Lam Kam Chuen (I found it on Kickass torrents ๐Ÿ˜› ) Eventhough it’s really mystical and doesn’t have that scientific edge to it which I like, it’s still a good book to read. After all, there has to be something in all that “energy” talk, the thing is probably they haven’t explained it properly for today’s standards because they rely too much on the traditional way of explaining, the way when you couldn’t explain things “scientifically” because ofย  lack or inexistence of science as conceived today.

Anyway, I don’t feel any greater changes in my body (yet!) but I do feel a nice, soothing change in my mind. I’m just much more relaxed and carefree. It’s like I have control over being stressed and not being stressed. It’s still not perfect: I do get angry or sad sometimes because of things I can’t change, but that feeling lets go very soon. This is not to say that I don’t think people should get angry or sad. They should. It’s only natural. But I just want to have control over that. The ability to say to myself: “Not now, you’ll get angry afterwards, there are more important things to do now.” Or: “You won’t get sad because of this because it’s nothing you can influence.” Still haven’t mastered the first one, kind of mastering the second one. As said, I still have a lot of work to do.

But still, I wouldn’t say it is all Qigong. If you want to be more relaxed and more carefree, more focused, you kind of have to accept this philosophy. I think meditation and Qigong helped a LOT! But there is one more thing: accepting the philosophy of being carefree. It’s like this: if you can do anything about it, you should engage the problem, fight it, try to solve it, put your best into it. If there is no possibility of you influencing the outcome then just don’t worry about it. Wait for the moment when there will be something for you to do. Otherwise, shoga nai! Shoga nai, in Japanese, means something like “can’t be influenced” or “nothing to be done”. It’s a cultural concept as well as a lingustic one. (nice article about it all: click me!)

If we’re talking about Japanese, then I would like to mention the influence of anime on my life. Actually, not just anime but anything that’s an input: book, song, movie, series, play, videogame, other people… I have one criterion about it all: what I put in has to change me as a person. I have to get inspired. I have to get motivated. I have to change my opinions. In some way, a change in myself has to be induced. I don’t really watch or read or listen to anything that’s just fun, but not quite change-inspiring. Of course, you can never know in advance about anything so it’s good to be open-minded and try, but keeping this criterion is important to me.


Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z

What I learned, how I changed? Well, I got inspired to live a more humble and simple lifestyle. I started worrying less and being more positive to everyone. I started training much more. I started spending time in nature more. A great thirst for travel has been awakened in me. I adopted the philosophy of training hard and surpassing my own limits.
The series has brought much more to me: I laughed and I lived with the characters. Still one of my favorite ones.

Death Note

What I learned, how I changed? I started thinking. A lot. I started perceiving other people and analysing things around me. The same way I started experiencing subtle changes in my body when I trained Qigong, I started perceiving subtle changes in my thoughts. I can say with certainty I became smarter.

One Piece

What I learned, how I changed? I learned the importance of living by your dreams and not by what others ask you to. I started worrying less and being even more carefree. I understood the value of true friendship, of being “nakama” to someone, and the fact that such a thing hasn’t existed in my life since high school. I started training more because of Zoro and started cooking more because of Sanji. It’s not like I wanted to be like them, it’s more that they inspired me to do something I already wanted to. I learned how society can be wrong, while you can be right.

There are many, many more. I can’t even begin to speak how all the books and movies and shows on Sherlock Holmes shaped me as a person.

Anyway, updates from my life:
– going on a 500km walking trip in a month or so (told you that Dragon Ball influenced me!) which I’ll try to do barefoot
– started working much more on my Parkour technique, doing new things, things that frighten me ๐Ÿ˜€
– started doing a bit of calisthenics and applying Ido Portal’s methods to my trainings

That’s it ๐Ÿ˜€


One thought on “Qigong and some updates

  1. I’m stoked I ended up on this page! Avatar the Last Airbender skyrocketed my qi gong practice…def gonna look into this recommendations, been goin thru a bit of Naruto and FMA:B recently.

    Some reading suggestions that give a ridiculous form of input that’s hard to find elsewhere:

    Jerusalem by William Blake (it’s a result of decades of prophetic experiences with angels from this visionary artist who would work on his projects for 14 hour shifts every day in poverty as the English empire was at it’s peak— highly recommend his later work, was more powerful than an aya ceremony for me…bear with it, it’s supposed to make one confused….so much mythology is inside it)

    Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson: essentially a political theory of the chakra system while being completely grounded in science…Daniel Sheehan’s starting an institute in Berkeley focused on this broader idea

    *Anything* by Georges Bataille. He reaches the dark spots of the mind.

    Love’s Body by Norman O’ Brown

    and some music:

    dixon’s violin
    estas tonne
    ayla nereo
    deya dova

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