Slow down, take your time

To really develop Sherlock Holmes-like perception, you need to slow down. I need to slow down. Take your time. Go out and have a walk. Look at people. Go into a café. Look at people. Listen to people. Don’t always be in a hurry.


Besides that, I do have one other problem. I start daydreaming. The habit of looking at the outside world still isn’t there. While I don’t have anything against daydreaming, I would still like to be in charge of when I daydream and when I observe.


4 thoughts on “Slow down, take your time

  1. I’ve been reading your posts for a long time now, and somehow I feel like wére on a similar path. I’ve learned a lot from you and I try to use your experience as much as possible and it’s why I was wondering if you got over this issue of choosing when to daydream and when it’s time to focus. It’s my biggest issue right now and I would appreciate any advice. Thanks and keep up.

    • Well… I don’t ever daydream outside, when/where it might not be safe. So that’s the first criterion, safety.
      If I’m at home or somewhere where I have relative safety, I see no problem to state: “I will daydream now.”
      Other than that, I think it’s best not to daydream too much instead of being present… I don’t know the exact ratio of daydreaming to being present, but whatever makes you happy, I guess, is the best ratio.

      • Sorry, I wasn’t clear. My issue is not about not knowing when to choose but not being able to have control over it. If often find myself daydreaming when I shouldn’t. I’m trying meditation and yoga to help maintain focus, and when I’m practicing those, I get pretty aware and mindful, but when it comes to observation in my daily life, I fall in automatic mode without noticing nor controlling it. Have you ever got through it ? Am I clear enough ? Any advice would be amazing as it’s one of the issue that’s keeping me back.

      • Aha, ok, now I get you. I did get over it, but after a lot of time. Meditation is your friend; practice it a lot. Your goal is to sustain it through the day; you will achieve this through 2 x core meditations (say, 20 minutes each) and evenly spaced 5 minute meditation intervals every hour or so. Mind that this will take time – after all, you’re trying to change the established patterns of your brain to do something else entirely – so don’t despair and keep at it. It really is a process that takes years.
        Now, one thing that gets overlooked is sleep: you need to sleep enough, otherwise focus goes out.
        And of course, it helps if you are forced to pay attention to the surroundings, like when you’re in fight mode, or when you’re living in a bad neighbourhood, or in a post – apocalyptic wasteland. Diminish your perceived safety and attention spikes (as well as cortisol). Look up Cooper Color Code and try to keep yourself in condition yellow. That’s what I did and it works for me.

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