Meditation, for me, is both a concentration excercise and a source of new ideas. The more I go into breathing and concentrating upon the breath, the less thoughts run through me. But when my mind calms down, when the noise stops, and everythings starts to slow down, then, then it is the time when the real ideas come. Then my emptiness fills up with occasional ideas, and they are almost always great ideas. The void stops, and gives birth to thought.

Then I discard the thought, for I know a better one will come next. In the first few minutes of meditation, the first ideas to come I discard easily cause they’re not all that great.

But then, after some time, after the void and the emptiness, again a seedling of an idea rapidly grows into something great. That is what I seize. I take the idea and I put it into my memory palace. I walk the courtyard of my old elementary school, and there I place it, to wait for me and to wait for other ideas.

Then again – the void. Blackness. Emptiness. Just breath. It’s not negative nor positive. It’s not active nor passive. It is not anything.

It is not.

This quickly gives way to something, to creation, and the more I disregard and discard what tries to grow and return to the blackness, the more I filter it and the more better thoughts grow.

Meditation is not escaping thoughts. It is cultivating the good thoughts.


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