Looking at people 2

Person 1
Female, 50ies. Very overweight, sedentary lifestyle, probably sitting a lot at an indoors job, judging by her clean, yet worn shoes. Poor vision, glasses.

Person 2
Female, 20ies. Psychology student (has a psychology book in hands). Purse on right side, right handed. Clean, neat, no make-up.

Person 3
Female, 20ies. Shoes dirty, outdoors. Relaxed, but observant. Right handed. No make-up.

Person 4
Male, 60ies. Two rings, both golden. One a marriage ring, the other one a bit bigger, with a stone – an engagement ring from his late wife? “X” tattoo mark on left hand, old greenish ink – ex soldier or convict. Very alert.

Person 5
Male, 20ies. Karate practitioner – inscription of his club on his bag. Poor sight, glasses. Right handed.


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