There’s a little thing that has been bugging me for some time.

If you have a strong input, you have low output, and the vice-versa. This is a very general statement, one that probably belongs to the study of cybernetics (a generalist study of systems).

In practical terms, for me, this translates into this: if I speak, laugh and gesticulate a lot (like, really a lot) there is a big chance that what ever is going on outside, I’m not letting it pass through me, that is, I don’t perceive it. If you spend a lot of time speaking in a group of friends, you’re so concentrated on what you’re saying and what you’re about to say that you do not see the minutiae of the non-verbals, the tiny eye squints, the little pacifiers etc. If you are the one that listens a lot, and says little, you are in a most favorable position to perceive what’s going on.

Now, this has some serious practical implications. I, for one, am very social and tend to speak and laugh and gesticulate a lot. I tend to be loud. In order for me to grasp more, I need to calm down (either completely or at leas to a great extent). I don’t think there is a way I could remain output-y and still be able to perceive everything (be hyperaware).

I think that it’s just a question of balance. As almost always, balance is key. Not doing too much of one thing. So for me, talk less, listen more.


What about you?



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