The value of partners and mentors

It is good to train alone, often. You develop discipline and you’re 100% focused on what you’re doing. But just as it’s good to train alone, it’s good to train with a partner and/or mentor. Why?

1. You will progress much faster

Especially in martial arts, having a training partner is the difference between practicing 4 months and 4 weeks. And if that partner is also a mentor, it might mean that you’ll learn in 1 week what you would otherwise learn in 4 months. There is great value in humans that are superior to our skill, and this value you should seize and not let go of it. If you have someone that is better than you in what you do, don’t let go of that person. Watch. Repeat. Learn.
Even if your partner is not as good as you, it still beats training all by yourself. You still progress faster.

2. You will have fun

Training is so much more fun when you have someone to do it with. And what are our lives, if not a constant search for fun? I don’t think I have to explain why having fun is good.

3. You will learn things you would not learn by yourself

Other people have had experiences and knowledge that you probably haven’t.  Use that to your advantage. Learn from them. Not only in the skill you wish to achieve. Learn about and from them. Listen to what they say. Listen how they say it. Some things you simply won’t ever grasp unless other people unveil them for you – it’s a fact of life. One human will never in his lifetime, all by himself, understand so much as a collective. Two heads think better than one.That being said, some things you’ll never understand unless you train alone, with yourself. There are things to be learned from other people, and there are things to be learned from yourself.

4. You will teach other people

Don’t be selfish. Life is give and take, not only take. And teaching other people might bring you better insight in what you want to learn, so again, you learn even while you teach.

5. You will form friendships

Creating a relation of friendship with another human being is one of the best things you can do in your life. If it is a true, honest friendship, even better – you have something incredibly valuable.


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