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Dan Edwardes

Have you noticed how more and more of your life is managed, and managed by someone or something else? Managed spaces, managed social networks, managed fun, ‘risk-free’ work and play environments; organised, standardised experiences of every kind. Massive over-precautions are taken in almost every walk of life now, usually as a result of a mass media system that focuses almost exclusively on, thus distorting, rare and highly unusual tragic events.

Most statistics show that this point in world history is, overall, by far the safest time to be a human being to date; yet the TV, the newspapers, the law-makers all encourage you to think that danger is around every corner and just over every horizon.


What’s the outcome? The more our lives are reduced to manageable, compartmentalised sections the less we are exposed to positive stressors. And that’s bad. Very bad.

It may not seem bad – on the…

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