Meditation in every moment?

Just the other day, I had to wait for a couple of friends for 40 minutes straight. What I planned was not to wait at all, but they weren’t home, so I stood in front of the building, on the street, waiting.

Now, waiting as a concept is a silly thing. I have a feeling it includes some amount of nervousness and anxiety. Waiting means there’s nothing to do but to assume a position, and do nothing.

Well, there is always something to do. 

Reading Eckhart Tolle’s “Stilness speaks”, I’ve become much more aware of the Now and the importance of Now. Being aware of everything. Being aware, noticing your own thoughts, and being aware of the people around you, and of the sensation in your body, and of the light-polluted night sky, and of the temperature of the slight breeze that hits your skin, and of the underlying sound of silence…

One of the rare opportunities for me to explore and experience the Now is during meditation. While sitting cross-legged on the floor, feeling the air coming through my nose into my body, observing the swirl of thoughts that diminishes and arises again from the darkness – that is the time I would truly be in the Now.

But while waiting, and being a bit nervous that my friends were late, and while trying not to be nervous – it struck me. Being in the Now is almost the same thing as meditation. The only difference is that you focus on everything: both your body, the air through your lungs, your thoughts, as well as everything outside – the street, the people, the cars.

I finally understood the essence of what I read by experiencing it. The essence is that one does not need to sit and meditate in order to meditate. But I still think it is a good thing to sit and meditate. 

This brings me to another dilemma. If you meditate in absolutely every moment, when do you think? 


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