Looking at people 4

Two different people whose opinion I quite value criticised these posts as only perceiving, but not making any conclusion. Maybe the following posts will include more false conclusions, but I see it as training.

Person 1
Middle-aged man, state of shoes says office work, as well as an HP laptop bag. No ring, not married. Carrying his laptop around on Saturday says work at home too, which means being busy. He seems tired on a nice, sunny weekend afternoon which goes in favor of previous claims. He’s got money (relatively expensive clothing) but he’s sentimental, keeping his leather bag even though it’s somewhat worn-out. Or is he maybe less aesthetic and more utilitarian? Don’t know. Every other piece of clothing is quite new. He succeeded in life and he’s proud of himself because he didn’t start great: strong thick hands and fingers imply manual work, maybe masonry.

Just one person today.


One thought on “Looking at people 4

  1. These posts are great! I do this all the time, but I call it people watching. lol This is great for practicing situational awareness and honing pre-attack indicator recognition. Nice work!

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