Learn to love the fight

Throw away your ego, don’t try to prove you’re better or stronger or more capable or right. When you encounter an aggressive person in the street, do not become as aggressive as that person. You have nothing to prove. The only acceptable option that includes physical contact is when you have no other choice, when it’s fight or die (or get hurt).

But when that moment arrives… You need to be a beast. You need to be aggressive and ruthless and brutal. Don’t spar with your attacker, destroy him! All the more if there are more of them and only one you.

Not only you need to become very aggressive when it truly comes to a fight, you need to change your perspective before the fight. Learn to love the fight. It’s a bloody chaos, but it’s a blessing because it’s so rare.

So, avoid the conflict, but when it’s inevitable, learn to recognize that it truly is inevitable. Do not twist reality so that the conflict seems inevitable, while it really is avoidable. Be realistic. When it’s inevitable, recognize it, and learn to love it. Cherish the moment when everything falls and you need to defend yourself. You will be surprised as to your own reactions. The complete lack of conscious control over what you do. Everything happening so fast. You can’t even think. After the fight you shake. You maybe start to laugh hysterically or cry. Observe how your body reacts to true stressors, because that will show you what you need to work on to improve.




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