Update my mind

A friend of mine had a great idea: how awesome would it be to go through all the branches of knowledge you have or you should have and construct a mind palace specifically for these branches with memory techniques helping you remember them?

My personal example is this: I’m irritated by the number of hours spent in high school learning about chemistry, physics, math and other stuff (which now actually seems very cool and worthy of knowing) and the subsequent lack of knowledge. I know some biology, less physics and even less chemistry. There are many things I should know, but for the love of me, it’s just not in my brain – or it’s just not accessible.

So my plan is to go branch by branch, subject by subject, beginning with the really elementary stuff and unpacking my mind’s database, updating it with books, articles and videos, and then packing them smartly and in a fashion which will allow better recall.

The great thing about memory techniques is that they allow you to remember longer and better by using metaphors, visuals and humor. It seems to me however that if you have a large mind palace filled with specific knowledge, you have at least some maintenance to do. That means that you probably have to walk through it, once a day for example, just to keep things in order. This is, of course, my presumption which by no means has to be correct. But, such a process would be similar to physical cultivation – if you do not use your strength (or any other attribute), it most certainly starts to drop. However, resilient (even antifragile) systems which we try to build – like our bodies and mind palaces – shouldn’t be destroyed after a small time of disuse. Find out the right amount of maintenance and do it regularly.


3 thoughts on “Update my mind

  1. You might find the following interesting given the topic:


    NOTE: This is part of the encyclopedia for on online roleplaying/storytelling universe. As such, it’s got some pretty dense jargon that you may have to wade through to fully understand the link I gave you but, once you do, I think you’ll find it supplemental

    • Thank you for this very useful read. The jargon is what makes it so useful. I’ve read a bit about the Bayes theorem now and it got me thinking about a new concept I’ll write about in a new post.
      It would be very interesting to see if it’s possible to attain S1… Maybe, one day, who nows? It seems to me however that our brains’ architecture could be a serious drawback here. I’m skeptic about so much neuroplasticity as to be able to achieve real-time consciousness of your own thinking. Being able to fully focus on two separate things at the same time… phew… Sure would be nice, but could it be attained?

      I guess the proper thing to do would be to try.

      Training and self-experimentation. Together with real scientific research we may even get to somewhere.
      On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that machines or technological additions to our brains might accomplish this in the future, but my personal interest is achieving it by myself, with no tech aid.

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