3 new exercises

The first one is making your joints supple. As Ido Portal puts it, you will undoubtedly fall out of a safe form during movement: landings won’t be perfect, joints will get twisted, you’ll hit something harder than you should have and so forth. There is no way to counter this – you can only prepare your body for such stress, and that means joint stretches, putting intentional pressure locks on every joint: fingers, wrists, elbows, neck, spine, knees and so on. Try to simulate the possible scenarios in which you fall out of form.

The second one is dodging exercises. See, I believe it’s possible to dodge bullets. Thing is, you won’t be faster than a bullet, but you need only be faster than a finger pulling the trigger and your life is saved. One important thing too is that a bullet hitting you is no guarantee of your death, especially instant death. Instant death by shooting is actually not so easy to accomplish. Move laterally, make your body as small a target as possible, bob and weave, flip, go to the ground, roll, go up, be unpredictable.

The third one is holding heavy things with your arms straightened. This strengthens the scapular muscles which are very important for planches, handstands and presses. This is what I mean:





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