One rule in crowd dynamics

Has it ever happened to you that you were on a square or in a street, looking for your friend to meet up and then, all of the sudden, the person you were looking for appears right in front of you, without you even seeing him/her? It happened to me. In fact, it happened several times.

So I figured: “I have got to be doing something wrong.” How is it possible that I’m looking at everybody, actively searching for the person I was to meet up with, and that I don’t see that person coming straight up to me? And then I got it. It’s actually very simple. I was, for some reason, looking at the people that were more distant to me. I basically ignored everyone that was near me. Why I did that, I do not know.

In any case, if there is one rule in crowd dynamics, it’s this: do not ignore the people closest to you. If it comes to physical altercations, they are the ones you need to be looking at, not the ones that are more far away from you.


2 thoughts on “One rule in crowd dynamics

  1. Males have a tunnel vision-like eyesight to allow them to spot predators and to hunt prey more efficiently. Females have 40% more peripheral vision than us and whereas men have 4 locations in the brain for multitasking – women have 13.

    It’s your genetic disposition – the same reason why you have more trouble finding something in a drawer than your mum, sister or girlfriend.

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