The only solution I’ve found for knee pain

As a Parkour practitioner, I’ve experienced knee pain on many occasions. Parkour involves a lot of impact and for some people knee pain never arrives, but I started to feel it after some two years of practice (and it wasn’t a completely bad practice, I did warm up and I did pay attention to good technique).

I’ve experimented with foam rolling, then with wooden stick rolling, with a lot more stretching, with more running, with weight training (actually, with one legged squats, popularly called pistols) and the only thing I’ve found to work and to stop my knee pain, not only prevent it, is static strength training.

I do not know why the horse stance is so good and why it helps so much, but it does. Just two days ago I’ve started feeling my left knee again and yesterday I did just five minutes in the horse stance and voila, the pain had all but disappeared!

So I advise you, if you have knee pain (and I know a lot of people who have have it, it’s common enough within the world of physical activity), do static exercises, namely the horse stance. Do it as long as you can. If you can manage one minute, try two. If you’re okay with 5, do 10. There are people in this world that can hold the horse stance for hours on end. So, it can be done. It is on you to do it.

This is horse stance:

Disclaimer – Cass Heaven pointed out in his/her comment the following:

(…) While you might be right that it can help with a lot of knee pain when you strengthen your quadriceps muscle (front of things) you are wrong that it is the best thing to help all kinds of knee pain.
There are a lot of different structures and depending on what is hurt this exercise can actually cause a problem to get worse.

I agree, it might make the problem worse, depending on what’s wrong with your knee. I advocate self-experimentation but I also advocate being smart, so be smart and find out what the best therapy for you is. I’ve only given my personal account of managing knee pain, and it is based on practicing Parkour and recurring low-intensity knee pain. It might not be the best solution for you, but it also might be, and that’s why I put up the post, to share this idea with all of you. Experiment and be smart people!


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