A practical post for a practical idea.

Being killproof.

We know we want to survive. We do what we need to so that we have a chance of surviving. One of the greatest predators to humans are other humans – and I am not necessarily talking about serial killers. Wars, terrorism, random acts of violence – there are plenty of examples.

Obviously, I advocate martial arts training and being prepared for worst case scenarios (as in war, breakdown of the state or something else like that), but knowing how to punch well and having a stockpile of food at home isn’t really counter-intuitive. It’s normal. It’s what everyone does (or should be doing ).

We know, at least on an intuitive level, that doing the unexpected significantly improves the likelihood of winning in chaotic scenarios. People always have preconceptions and that’s a weakness an Overhuman will exploit, and not fall into the same trap. That’s why I will present you with some interesting but unusual ideas about killproofing yourself.

Neck training for chokeholds and hanging

An incredibly strong neck will help you sustain chokeholds and even hanging by the rope. Shaolin monks do it.

Exercise 1 – The Polygraph: lie on your back, have your head in the air and nod 100 times for “yes” and 100 times for “no”. When you can do it without a break, change exercise or increase volume.

Exercise 2 – Head and walls: Lean against a wall with your forehead, body and neck straight. Try to do a 45 degree angle, or even less if possible. Do it sideways, and on the back side of the head too. Achieve indefinite hold.

Exercise 3 – Wrestling neck routines:

Exercice 4 – Getting hanged: As the name implies, get a rope, make a noose and hang yourself. First support yourself with your hands, then try to do it without them. The goal is to be able to simulate death without dying.

Unorthodox weapons

Obtain and carry a kakute. Make or buy a blade that looks like a pendant on a necklace and train yourself to be able to get it out using teeth only. Learn to throw projectile weapons i.e. shurikens. Make cigarette-looking blowguns, and carry a pack with you.

All of the above are just some of the ideas how you can make a plan B, C, D, E and so on. The principle is this: go completely overboard. Carry an absurd amount of hidden weapons on you. Also, change your perception: everything is a weapon – a word, a gesture, a mobile phone, a car, a dog, a mob. There are many ways to fight, and fists, knives and guns are just… expected.


Around 40% of civilian deaths following trauma are because of blood loss. Meaning, someone cuts, stabs, or shoots you, you have a 40% chance of dying not because of damage to organs but for the dumb reason of having a leaking hole in your body. Obtain an XSTAT and a Vetigel syringe. One fills a gunshot wound with expanding sponge particles that plug up the hole immediately, and the other one is algae based and clogs the blood and closes cutting wounds. Actually, obtain everything you can afford from Suneris and RevMedX, they make stuff that really saves lives, like really really really saves lives. And, of course, always carry with you.

Dodging bullets

You can’t physically dodge an incoming bullet. It’s just moving too fast for any human to be able to respond. Yet there just might be a way to dodge several incoming shots if you’re dealing with someone that’s not a good shooter. You see, if you train your body to be really, really fast – which is possible – and if you train a certain movement pattern so good that it becomes second nature – which is also possible – you might stand a chance. There is no way to move faster than a bullet, but if you move faster than the shooter’s intention, finger movement and reflexes, you have a chance, however slim it may be.

The key is to be chaotic and unpredictable, changing direction in such a way that an inexperienced shooter won’t be able to make contact. Think zig-zag, think rolls, think jumps, think bobbing and weaving. All these movements should be directed towards the attacker so that you get close and gain control of the firearm.

I can’t do this yet, so you don’t need to follow my advice. I’ll work on it some more and then test it with paintball bullets to see if it has any effect. Experiment, and remember: even if it saves your life only once, it was worth all the training.

That’s it. Do you have any additional unconventional ideas? How about conventional? Leave me a comment.




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