I’m raising funds to attend Wim Hof’s seminar

Hello friends, enemies and neutral characters.

As the title says, I’m raising funds to attend Wim Hof’s seminar.

If you are reading this blog, you are most certainly acquainted with Wim Hof and his work. If not, let me just tell you that this is a man that swims under ice, climbs snowy mountain tops in shorts and sits in tanks full of icy water for hours straight, with no decline in his body temperature. Oh, and he resists disease through conscious control of his immune system. Don’t trust me, read the study.

Anyway, these things make up a lot of what being an Overhuman is. It goes without saying that I’ve been following Wim and practicing his methods for more than a year – that means more than a year of exclusively cold showers, even in the winter. And a lot of power breathing. I also haven’t gotten sick for more than a year, so, not bad, right?

But I wish to learn more, so I started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money. If you have the money or the time or both, do support me; I will be very grateful, and there will be at least one in-depth blog post about the seminar and what you yourself can do using the Wim Hof method.

If I fall short of the amount necessary, I will invest in online coaching.

Again, check out the campaign video, share it a bit, donate a dollar or two or a thousand, let’s try to make this happen.

And updates:

  • I am testing my martial prowess in an MMA tournament tomorrow, so there will be some more writing on teaching martial arts, testing martial arts, what works, what doesn’t and so on. Let me say for now that I’ve updated on some of the things I believed (namely, that learning to fight in street fights doesn’t make you better at fighting).
  • “HOW TO READ ANYONE”: This is a very good video on a very good channel; check it out and check them out. I like.
  • I’ll probably be filming things more; doing instructionals is sometimes easier in video format. Hell, who knows, maybe I start vlogging. Maybe I start doing makeup tutorials, you never know.

That’s it!



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