Powerless and powerful

I just listened to Tim Ferriss’ podcast with Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis and this inspired me to write.

Do you know how powerful you are?

I’m not talking good looking, smart or strong. Do you know how POWERFUL you are?

Yes, you, the reader. You who are looking at these words at this very moment.

Do you feel powerful? You should. Because you and I are indeed very powerful people. How can I explain this? Let’s try this one: do you have a smartphone? (Or a tablet, or a computer of any kind). It is highly likely that you do. Most people do, anyway. If you don’t, in all likelihood, you have access to one, so it is practically the same thing.

You, with your smartphone in hand, are a fearsome force. You are so powerful that you literally have the combined knowledge and effort of the entire human species from day one – in your hand. And you have a brain and a body that can use literally EVERYTHING IMPORTANT the entire human species has ever found out. Take a second and reflect on this a bit. You, a human, have in your hand everything important that has ever been found out since many thousands of years ago. You have it. It is yours to use.

Doesn’t it sound absolutely crazy and amazing when you look at it from that perspective? It doesn’t sound like us at all! If I told you a riddle in the beginning that said: “I am something that can know everything that has ever been found out – within seconds. What am I?”, you wouldn’t have answered “me.” Because you don’t see yourself like that. You don’t see yourself as a thing that has so much power. You would have maybe answered “artificial superior intelligence” or “God”. But damn it, it is you! It is so obvious that we can do this, so why do so many of us feel so powerless all the time?

Why do we feel that “have to” do this, that we have to do that? You know that feeling when you would really not want to do something, but you feel like you have to, and despite you not wanting to do it, you do it? We’ve all been there, and there is nothing new in that feeling. People have been feeling like that since… well, since there have been people. The problem is that we keep feeling like that, and this problem is explained by two things: understanding and habits.

First, you simply don’t understand that you are practically an omniscient deity. You don’t understand that you are something that can know everything that has ever been found out. Nobody informed you that every choice in your life is your choice; every decision yours. You simply haven’t been told. But this is a relatively easy problem to remedy. I’m telling you right now, and I’ve told you before, and in all probability, you have heard it from some other people.

Or you understand it, perhaps, but you do not feel it. You know that you have superpowers, but you don’t feel them. You know that you can fly, but you have no idea how to go about it. Everyone has their triggers, things that make them feel their own power; I’ve heard that Tony Robbins and Dan Pena make you understand AND feel your power. My trigger was different: I read HPMOR and I got saturated by Voldemort’s character and something clicked. This was the sentence that simply turned everything around for me:

“… And since I have a tremendous distaste for stupidity, I suggest you do not say anything like ‘What do you mean?’ You are smarter than that, and I do not have time for such conversations as ordinary people inflict on one another.”

I don’t know why exactly this sentence or this character. I don’t like Voldemort as a person, and the HPMOR Voldemort is the scariest person I could imagine.

But there is something in this absolute disregard for “conversations as ordinary people inflict on one another”. HE SIMPLY DOESN’T CARE.

HE is the active agent in his life.

HE is the main role in the movie about his life.

HE is the main character.

He understands that he has power. He does precisely what he wants to, and he never does what he doesn’t want to do. If his circumstances prevent him from doing something, he doesn’t whine about it, but adapts so as to do something else he wants to do. He knows he can fly, feels that he can fly, and flies.

What do the most of us do instead? We make excuses for not doing the things we want to do. We whine about not doing something and we whine about doing something else. I really don’t like whining.  Complaining is the great enemy of man. It is a waste of time, a waste of energy, doesn’t bring anything productive, doesn’t produce happiness, doesn’t do ANYTHING. It is a waste, a terrible waste. Read this article.



Don’t ever complain, ever! If you can do something, DO IT! If you can’t, then don’t! Just don’t complain. This is the part with habits. You have to break your poor mental habits and build good new ones. Make it a habit of knowing that you’re powerful, feeling that you’re powerful and being powerful.

That an almost-all-knowing god can behave in any other way is… unacceptable.


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