This blog was started a couple of years ago to write about my journey to becoming someone with superior mental and physical capabilities. Think Bene Gesserit, Jason Bourne, Sherlock Holmes. Someone smart, fast, tactical, perceptive, deadly.

If you go through my writing chronologically, you’ll see that my opinions and attitudes changed. This is natural, as this means progress.

Even though my current interests have diverged from the original subject of the blog, it will remain online as a reference for those that may find it useful, and I may still publish something here and there.

If you want to talk, email me.


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  1. Love the blog – read it all so far in one sitting.
    You remind me a lot of my own goals (though you’re doing better than me, as it stands!) and I wish you the very best.
    I’m really quite impressed you’ve kept it up for ~two years now!

    • Well thank you very much!
      I just realised that it HAS been going for two years. Man. Two years.
      I need a warp jump forwards. This perception/deduction shit ain’t easy, and I’m still a pussy fighter haha!
      I hope you do well fulfilling your own goals too, and wish you the best of luck. Have fun!

      • I’ve been considering for a long time the idea of creating a massive log of deductive/observational information that could be contributed to by anyone. For instance, wear on the back of a running shoe indicates a sprinter. You wouldn’t necessarily know this unless you were a sprinter, so the only way to perfect observation is to gather information on these details from as many sources as possible. I’ve created a small log of such details over time, but I’m considering something on the order of thousands of potential clues.
        Have you recorded any consistent, obscure details for deductive purposes?

      • Yeah, I’ve been thinking about something like that. Like an independent glossary of clues. It’s a good idea and it’s on my to do list. Then again, even though it might help speed up the deductional process, if you rely too much on a corpus of knowledge and not on improvising your deduction every time, you get mentally lazy. So a nice balance between attributing the “glossary” and making fresh deductions, I guess.
        On a side note, wear on the back of the running shoe? Bad form man, bad form. I would expect to find it on the front cause I have yet to see a sprinter that runs on his/her heels.
        But a thanks for the idea!

  2. Amazing blog! I’m surprised to find somebody with the same goals as I. It’s not everyday I read a blog and agree with everything on it, haha. It’s true what you say: it’s difficult learning to perceive and deduce from the world around you when you have no friends or mentors with the same aspirations.

    Anyhow, my name is John Leonard and I hail from Canada. We should chat about this some time!

    All the best

  3. I was reading this, and now i’m wondering: Do you have a daily routine that you practice? Some things that you do ritualistically?

    • I try to meditate every morning after I wake up, be it Qi Gong, breathing or practicing Wing Tzun forms. Before bed, I do a “body scan” meditation which sends me to sleep 🙂
      And I try to have two training sessions per day, each lasting for 2 hours. That’s pretty much it for routines.

  4. I have recently made a think called Hypercomputer, on which I am to publish all my thoughts and to answer questions, so if anyone wants another Sherlock thing, then ask me.

  5. Hello,
    I really do like your blog and what you are writing here.
    But there is one tiny thing that I would like to point out: In the article about knee pain you wrote that everyone should do the horse step if they have knee pain.
    But there is a problem you didn’t think of: While you might be right that it can help with a lot of knee pain when you strengthen your quadriceps muscle (front of things) you are wrong that it is the best thing to help all kinds of knee pain.
    There are a lot of different structures and depending on what is hurt this exercise can actually cause a problem to get worse.


  6. Do you have e-mail? Your blog is like a goldmine for someone like me as you’ve done things/gone further with things that I know I’m capable of but admittedly some of them either am too focused on other things or can’t be bother or a variety of different factors, put simply there are things that you have done that I’ve been curious about for a long time and would like some answers to.

  7. Fina..fucking…ly, my wife and I thought we were the only ones who seem to be …….transcending, morphing, changing becoming our alter egos…..and not in the usual (my alter is a bad m.fer) but my alter seems to be very, divine-like. And like you ,”downloads” of high detail come to me on and about pretty much all stimuli………and you are correct all roses have their thorns……the worst thing so far about this “phenomenon” is that people at large w

  8. Your article was interesting. I suffer from hyper awareness constantly. I don’t try to do it, my problem is not shutting it off or controlling it. I’m 42 so I have been dealing with this a while. If you have any tips I’d be interested to hear them. If you are a hacker seeking riches through nefarious gaining of personal info and account numbers, don’t waste your time. Cheers

    • I don’t have a problem with shutting it off because it’s not a natural state for me. I have to make an effort to turn it on. I have no advice for you, but I would like to hear your perspective. What do you mean you suffer from hyperawareness? What does that entail?

  9. In reference to an earlier post, 4 from the top, in which I said there should be a collection of deductive clues online:

    Sprinters don’t run on their heels, but wear builds up their due to the starting position; at least that’s what I’ve heard. It’s kind of hard to explain what I mean, put I’m referring to the sort of triangular block they push off at the start of a race.
    That’s sort of a random note out of context.

    If you every compile a list of clues, I would be happy to add to it.

  10. Hey what’s the best way to get in contact with you? I started reading a book and immediately thought of your blog and how you could possibly do some experimenting with some of the concepts and maybe make a post. Thanks in advance. (PS I like the blog and want to pursue similar ideas)

  11. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and I have to say I’m impressed by what you managed to accomplish in the four years you’ve been doing this and I really admire it. I have many similar interests and it has been really hard to find somebody like you. I’m a 15 year old from Serbia and I’ve been thinking about starting on my own self improvement when the school year ends (22 July). Any tips on do’s and do not’s for someone that’s starting out, from experience? Also any tips for what I should start learning early vs later?

    • First thing that comes to mind is: start immediately. You don’t need to wait for the school year to finish. In fact, school is maybe the ideal environment for learning politics: how individuals compete for status, discovering their secret motives and the intrigue around you. Even manipulating these currents if you understand them. Watch ‘Oz’ for an example of what I’m talking about, as prisons are similar to schools.
      Okay, do’s:
      – Read a lot. Look at the list of books I recommend for ideas.
      – Get strong.
      – Practice a martial art. Boxing and BJJ are two good choices to begin.
      – Identify intelligent people, befriend them and then talk and learn from them often.
      – Meditate.

      – Don’t keep around people that don’t want you to change. If they want you to stay the same, leave them at once.
      – Don’t enjoy your superiority when you get good at something.
      – Don’t be certain about things. Everything is higher or lower probability.

      To learn ASAP:
      – meditation
      – self protection

      Languages and memory techniques can be left for later. Everything else is up to you.

      I wish you success.


  12. What is your MBTI(Myers–Briggs Type Indicator)? I am just really curious because I can really relate to everything you are talking about. It is really something I am going through as well. Even the Vitruvian profile picture on here resembles what I use on a lot of my things as well as reading the same type of books like Tim Ferriss and Eckhart Tolle. The overall goals, ambition, personal self-growth, and improvement are the same!!! 🙂

  13. Hey Dominik, I’ve got to say that every time I come back to this blog I find more conclusions that I’ve more or less independently arrived at. For instance, the idea of becoming something between Jason Bourne and “Bene Gesserit” as a sort of ideal state. From the available information I think I share the vast majority of your opinions. Sadly, the list of people I actually know that I would classify as “Overhuman” is nearly empty except for myself.
    Three questions:
    What is your system of MMA training? I’m also a mixed martial artist, though I think I wasn’t when I first read this blog.
    Where/how does one learn Parkour? What effects have you observed of Parkour on your martial arts?
    A year or so ago I asked about a database of observational clues, did you ever develop or locate one?

    I think the primary area I disagree with you on is that I don’t think individual happiness should be pursued for its own sake since I don’t believe this is effectively altruistic. I also think entertainment/fun don’t really benefit efficiency in the long term so there’s little reason to pursue them. I’d be curious to know what you think about this; perhaps you don’t disagree.

    This post is getting pretty long so I’ll cut myself off here 🙂

    • Hey man, I’m glad you find the blog useful. Answers to your questions:
      – My (current) system of MMA training is 2 mixed sessions per week (i.e. both kickboxing, wrestling and BJJ), 4 no gi BJJ sessions per week (sharpening the ground game) and 1 sparring session per week. I have a Wing Chun friend so sometimes we do a bit of that as well.
      – I learned Parkour on my own, watching videos and trying out things by myself. Effects on MMA: more stamina, more strength and mobility, more “movement intelligence” (that thing when you “get” movements faster and it takes you less repetitions to nail them down). I don’t know if I would recommend going to Parkour schools. I guess that, if the teacher is good, it might be useful, but for me (and a lot of others), this self-reliance in Parkour actually IS one of the most important things in Parkour, so… (I’d recommend training with more experienced practitioners for sure)
      – Didn’t develop a database. I’m not sure that you could systematize clues so that they can give you greater confidence when assessing a person. I sorta changed my opinion on this and now think that it might be a better use of time to develop scientific thinking, develop the habit of looking at people, especially at their hands and shape of their clothing, reading non-verbals and so on, and try to deduce things “on the go”. But I will have a look if someone ever compiles such a database. (I even think that Reddit users on different deduction subreddits compiled such things, but it’s always very far fetched and not really scientific… like “if they have bad posture, they might be a computer programmer”. So, not really useful.)

      Changed my opinion on happiness and entertainment as well. Happiness is not a good goal. Usefulness is something that’s worth pursuing. It provides meaning, and that, in turn, provides happiness as well. Combine that with being mindful and you’re a happy person, without having to obsess over whether you’re happy or not. I do think you always have to be “in touch” with how you’re feeling about things, lest you start saying yes to things you “should” and “are expected to” do, but don’t really want to.
      Entertainment is sometimes useful. Burnout regularly happens with type A personalities and sometimes, I think you have to give yourself some time to relax, read a book, watch a movie, play a game. Especially if it’s something engaging/stimulating, like a really good novel or strategy game. Also, being sociable and taking part in a community have been shown to increase lifespan, and since we’re (well, I am) optimizing for longevity as well, common “entertainment” things like going out, eating dinner with friends, just hanging out and talking – that’s all very beneficial AND useful. I mean, as long as it’s not the only thing you do, I’m all for entertainment and fun.

      • Yeah I can agree with most of that. That’s an impressive amount of training, I can only manage anything close to that much on breaks from school (I’m 18). I also do a combination of BJJ and striking.
        I think burnout can be minimized through conditioning and practice like anything else, and entertainment becomes less necessary. I suppose I’ll still take a break for light reading occasionally, though.

  14. Hey, I hope u’re doing good Dominik! I would like to recommend to update your “What Im doing now” post, ’cause it’s been over a year now that u changed something init. Besides that, we (I guess) would like to hear a more detailed and more described situation of “what your doing now”, would be quit interesting. What kind of activities has changed? And what has changed in general, ideas, life-purpose and so on?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Done!
      (the last update was actually from February this year, I just accidentally put 2017 instead of 2018 – regarding life purpose in general, I might write a bigger post one of these days)

  15. Feedback to your post “Warrior rationalists”: I think you’ve mistaken being a rationalist with being or striving to be an overhuman. We dont have to see ourselfs as rationalists, if we strive to become an overhuman. Overhumans (that’s the concept I have also in mind) are rational by default. Other, or normal rationatlists are the ones who work in universities or in high technical jobs for example. They don’t have to be good in other areas, because they don’t need to. My professors for instance are highly rational. Much further than I am. They know how to do their work in maths, programming or general science, but they could be easily prey for areas outisde their work. Evolution and natural selection would tear them apart when living in true nature. But the point is, that’s not our (their) current reality. They don’t have to fear, they don’t have to upgrade those areas. [I for myself am striving to be all in one (or rather rule the important areas in life), but I have infinit work to do.]

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