What I’m doing now

In order to keep myself accountable, I do several things: use aTimeLogger literally all the time, do one big thing every day, write in my journal and periodically revisit key life lessons. I’ve recently discovered the /now page movement and decided to do it myself, publicly stating my priorities and preoccupations for reasons of accountability and easier communication, but primarily in order to focus on the few things that matter the most to me (now). So, here’s me now:

Currently in Zagreb, Croatia. These are the things that I am currently doing:

  • I’m translating and I’m teaching beginner Swedish at a language school. This is my income.
  • I’m learning to drive. Everybody has this skill and it’s a really important one, but I’ve been postponing it for quite a while.
  • I’m practicing Python. I have a couple of projects going on, but it’s just me learning new things. I’m going through Learn Python 3 the Hard Way.
  • I’m training MMA and Parkour. I also lift weights sometimes, go running with my dog and try to stretch and do more pull-ups during the day.

Some of my time simply goes to keeping my relations with people (and dog) I care about and some of my time goes to maintenance, cleaning, cooking, washing myself, meditating and so on. I’ll also occasionally play guitar or chess or a video game just to do something different with my brain. If you see me doing a lot of something that’s not prominent on this list, feel free to call me out on it.

Last updated on 15/2/2017.